Justinmind · Usability

Make the most of interactive prototyping with the help of dynamic panels


With Justinmind, you can create dynamic and interactive web and mobile prototypes without the use of any code, and use and test them on multiple devices. Let’s face it, Static web design is dead and Dynamic is on the up. And as the Now generation, we require things to happen more quickly and in the most efficient way possible — in response, we’re seeing dynamic content on the rise.

One of Justinmind’s most useful widgets is the dynamic panel. This is an advanced, pre-built widget that can contain several different ‘states’ or views based on the user’s interaction with it, while acting as a container of other widgets in your interactive wireframes and prototypes. 

Let’s explore how Justinmind’s dynamic panels can help you to build interactive prototypes of great dynamic websites or apps.

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