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Automation and Applied AI: The next chapter in Web Design?

Automation and Applied AI: The next chapter in Web Design?

Nowadays, mobile is the ‘go-to screen’ as web users are increasingly viewing sites from a number of different devices. As Responsive Web design (RWD) starts to age in ‘digital years’, it seems the time has come to build sites and apps automatically, by understanding the role of user knowledge and intelligent-system engineering. Today, we’re talking about the most recent advance in web design: Artificial Intelligence web design.

Responsive web design, a term coined by visionary designer Ethan Marcotte, has fast become a household name in web design and mobile strategy. With the promise of easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling, responsive design enables us to support a range of devices, and at the same time, to take advantage of SEO best practices, thanks to consistency of URLs and content for both desktop and mobile users. All this made RWD one of the most empowering web approaches to be adopted in the last decade. The responsive philosophy has come a long way in the past decade, from a bleeding edge feature to an essential component of most website redesign projects. So what’s next? Will websites and apps automatically redesign themselves in response to usage patterns? Basically, yes.

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