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The world of Customer Experience and beyond

The world of Customer Experience and beyond


Over the past few years, companies have begun to expand their design processes in order to include Customer Experience (CX) as well as ‘pure’ User Experience (UX). The onset of social media and real-time feedback we experience via the Internet has led us to expect a relationship with the businesses that we interact with online. Although it’s exciting to see CX gaining more awareness, it’s still a fairly new concept, and a recurring blunder is mistaking it with UX design. As CX begins to pick up steam, companies are faced with the challenge of coupling the concept with their existing design strategies, especially with UX.

The concept of CX involves the experiences a customer has across all touchpoints of your brand, including all contact in the digital sphere: data, targeting, and UX. CX is a collection of coherent, holistic and omni-channel micro-experiences that relies on the observance of interactions at critical moments – or touchpoints – throughout the customer’s journey. This includes the customer’s interaction with the organization on their way to a purchase, as well as during the sale and post-sale, both online or offline. In online travel, for instance, the various touchpoints would include how a guest interacts with online marketing, and mobile and social content, as well as the booking process. However, it also extends to check-in, their experiences with the facilities, and then sharing their experience further on. The quality of CX can be measured as an overall experience, the overall satisfaction of the customer. Essentially, it’s the customer’s end-to-end journey from start to finish, thus creating a feeling of a real relationship with a business, product or service.

Now some of you may be thinking: “how is this that different to UX?” Well, let’s explore CX in relation to UX.



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