Is paper dead? Low fidelity vs High fidelity wireframing

Is paper dead? Low fidelity vs High fidelity wireframing


“Paper is dead, long live interactive prototypes in the world of web design!” is what we’ve been hearing a lot lately, and it’s not far from reality. The concept of paper prototyping is nothing new to user experience designers and is pretty simple: you sketch out your interface and screens on paper. This way of designing can be great to get you started, but can’t take you a whole lot further. Let’s therefore discuss the optimal way to web design.

So, you may have seen this hilarious video, or some sort of version of it, that explains why paper is not, nor never will be dead. Some of us may agree with this: the sensualists and the admirers of the printed word. On a personal level, perhaps you love the feel of pages between your fingers, the notion that someone somewhere may have had the same thoughts run through their mind when reading the same passage, the charming throwbacks to the wherever, whenever. Plus the added bonus that your books can suffer a coffee spill without completely cr*pping out on you! But, times are a-changing, and we move with the times: survival of the fittest and all of that. On that note then, is paper still a good and valid alternative when it comes to wireframing and prototyping?

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