Aligning Business with IT through prototyping

Aligning Business with IT through prototyping

Prototyping is a great tool to bridge the Business-IT gap by helping you avoid miscommunication, rework and wasting time. Read time to find out more.

Have you ever had to sit in a client discussion early on in a project and were unable to spur discussion around user needs or business requirements? Everyone from designers and developers to stakeholders and business users has ideas about what they want to see in the final product. But instead of quickly rendering these ideas into visual representations, we’re just tossing up tons of post-it notes, and trying to group them and make sense of them. Prototyping helps you to achieve Business-IT alignment by providing a means to validate business requirements, design decisions, and communicate ideas more effectively. Let’s take a look a closer look at the problems of Business and IT disconnection and how to bridge the communication gap by prototyping.

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