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Thinking Design in the Development Process

Thinking Design in the Development Process

Hey Developers, quick question for you: when does design come into the picture in the web development process? Read on to find out more about incorporating design into the software development process.

OK, we know what you’re thinking. Didn’t we just write a blog post on how good UX can be ugly? Well, yeah – and we’re sticking to that. But here’s a question for you: if you could, wouldn’t you make something beautiful and functional all at the same time? Eh? You would, admit it. Collaboration between design and development is a key component of the process and when done right, we can really make awesome things.

We get it Devs, you’ve got so much stuff to manage when it comes to the web development process. There’s interactivity, connectivity, graphics… And, of course, how smoothly the process runs also depends on a whole bunch of external factors, such as market considerations and a deep knowledge and consideration of the target user. Oh, and making it user-friendly and making it look good. Oof! That’s a lot of pressure. From functionality and appearance to navigation and finally to development, a lot goes into creating an aesthetically-pleasing, user-friendly website or mobile app. It’s OK if you’re a “form follows function” kind of developer, we get it. But does that mean that your app should look crappy? Uhm, nope. Think about the bigger picture. Imagine Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. Face it, their designs are things of beauty, and the buildings are pretty darn functional too.

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